Another Pensacolian…

… blogger.  Like you needed that in your Basket®.

Rob Looper is a friend of ours.  He pastors McIlwain Presbyterian Chruch (PCA) in Pensacola, FL.  McIlwain is bright spot in Pensacola and Rob is a faithful minister of the Gospel. 

We have added a link to his blog Reformatin Faith under the A New Blog Or Two category.  Rob, apparently blogs with two other fellas.  One of whom is a Baptist.  While I cannot personally recommend this approach, it seems to work for them.

Please check it out and if anyone has any reason why this blog should not be joined together with ATHB, speak now or forever hold your peace…

not that we are proposing or anything.

al sends


5 responses to “Another Pensacolian…

  1. Hello Al,

    I’d like to introduce myself, the Baptist whom the other fellas on Reformation Faith tolerate…and even allow me to post from time to time :)They love me in Christ, even though I am a staunch credobpatist.

    If you’re a friend of Rob Looper, you’ve chosen fellowship very wisely, and you’re blessed to have a good friend. Rob and I go back a bit to his days in St. Louis, where Rob served very capably at a PCA church I attend ( in fact, helped to start).

    I’d encourage you to check out the Expositors Conference which will be held in Mobile, AL this October. Lig Duncan and Steve Lawson will share the preaching. Lig is a fellow PCA pastor, and Steve is well…a Baptist (like me a reformed kind of guy). He pastors Christ Fellowship Baptist Church (see ). I believe you’d be blessed by the teaching. My son and I are coming again to the Conference. Lord willing.

    Brother, I commend you for standing strong for the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And for choosing your friends wisely.


    Randy Kirkland
    “the Baptist” at Reformation Faith

  2. Yes, indeed; they’re right near ubiquitous, I’d say. If not for our baddist brethren Presbyterians like me might be out of business. I’ll vouch for Randy, though. He’s a faithful man.

    Thanks for the nice words, Al.


  3. Thanks Al for the link. I am the other guy of the Rob and Randy blog. Also a Presby, going back to seminary days with Rob Looper. But, like most folks from the South, I had my stint in the SBC, even managing to get a degree from a Baptist seminary.

    Yeah, so far the Baptist guy and the two Presbyterians are managing just fine. We agree on the nature of the gospel and so much more in theology than we disagree on.

    Thanks again,

    Les Prouty

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