A Dandy Issue

Doug Wilson is blogging about clerical garb. Says it may make preachers look girlie. Whatcha think, Basketeers™?


6 responses to “A Dandy Issue

  1. Well, I didn’t want to be the first to say it but listen Pastor Bryant, that dress thing . . .

    No, really, I don’t have a problem with robes. I’d choose them for the sense of reverence. The guy wearing the robes is not David Bryant my teacher or al sends, That’s Pastor Bryant, Pastor Stout. They are speaking the Word of Life. Same reason I’d choose an elevated podium over a level floor. The old churches, for instance, have towers from which the Word was read to the congregation. Talk about inspiring reverence for the Scripture.

  2. Mr. Wilson’s primary concern seemed to be the robes making the wearer seem effeminate. I agree with a blogger on his site, if your effeminate, you’re effeminate what you wear doesn’t affect that perception. I’m curious why this is such an issue for Mr. Wilson? I would be more worried about the damage done to the robe/collar by the Catholic community in recent history, than whether I looked feminine.
    I understand the comments about the judge and his sitting higher than the courtroom, and the robe giving the feeling of authority. I also understand Kaleb’s comments, but personally don’t feel those things relate to authority, at least not for me. They identify the profession, like a police officers uniform, but not necessarily authority or inspiring reverence.
    Scripture is authority and the Holy Spirit flowing through those called by Him to ministry is what inspires reverence in the hearer. I listened to John Piper preach while I towered over him in a civic center – his words, the Word of God pierced my heart, it was authority granted by the Spirit that made his preaching powerful. Pastor Rob preaches with that same authority – it’s the truth of the Gospel that stirs the heart; it really wouldn’t matter where he was positioned or what he was wearing; suite/tie, t-shirt, collar/robe.
    I don’t hate the idea of a collar/robe; I think there should be prayerful consideration before donning them. We don’t need to run for the hills away from tradition, but we should not blindly adopt it either.

  3. I think Wilson’s words are wise. His actions will affect lots of people — so be circumspect.

    That said, I am glad Providence went the way of the robe. I would wear a robe while officiating a baptism or a wedding. Why? It accords with the ceremony, gravity, and dignity of the event. I want that same seriousness about the public worship of the church. For me, the robe is a way to (attempt to) express humility: it’s not me talking — I’m saying what Christ sent me to say.

    Now, the whole issue of collars, that’s a different matter. Put it this way: I’d do it if Al would let me.

    And Kaleb, there IS a difference between a robe and a dress. You of all people should know that — I seem to remember from an “I never” game that you stood up when the word “make-up” was mentioned…

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