Skipping 601 – 665…

… and going right for the Mark of the Beast, 666.

I’m just saying:

al sends


11 responses to “Skipping 601 – 665…

  1. She’s looking at the billboard like the Israelites must have looked at the bronze serpent. This is wrong and brilliant on so many levels.

  2. Dan, you may find this is bit ironic, but I still use a John MacArthur Study Bible when I preach. It is a sturdy book in the NKJV and I just cannot force myself to fork out the big bucks for new Black Leather bound edition.

    That being said, I “came back to the Bible” in 1999, when I gave up on Dispensationalism for a fuzzy Post/A Mil thingy. It was at the Ligioner Conference. The two Sprouls, Sinclair Ferguson, and I think Gary DeMar were speaking. Of course, John MacArthur was not there to give the dispensational view. I was disappointed that he was not there, but I guess they thought everyone already knew that position.

    I have abandoned the fuzziness since then and gone all crazy post-mil.

    al sends

  3. Ah yes… Ken Gentry… Thanks Dave. All those optimistic guys look alike to me.

    Oh, and this really was supposed to be a post about the messianic nature of Obama’s campaign. I’m just saying, again.

    al sends

  4. I remember that conference. I listened to the tapes about a genrtillion times. Sinclair Ferguson had the best line of the whole conference.

    He said, when asked what his eschatological view was: “I’m a partial, partial preterist, a not-fully-realized postmillennialist, a somewhat-optimistic amillennialist, and I have an ongoing struggle with the Jews. But make no mistake, I’m quite certain about what I believe.”

    Another thing I noted about that conference was the conspicuous absence of John MacArthur. He waited till last year’s Shepherd’s Conference to get his eschatological groove on.

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