Not Much Longer…

… for I am leaving.
I would like to announce that I am leaving this here blog.  Over the course of the last few days I have become convinced that my skills would be better spent elsewhere.  I have been having some difficultly maintaining my message here, when I have such doubts about the message.

Here are my plans.  I will be traveling with Carl Gustaf to Salt Lake City, Utah to work through some of these issues.  I am not doing this lightly and fully understand the ramifications of such a decision.  Please pray for my family during this time of transition.
If you want to keep track of my travels, please click this link back to Carl’s hometown. 

Update:   Here is the LINK SORRY 

al sends for the last time


7 responses to “Not Much Longer…

  1. Ok. You know, I was starting to really go along with this. You invited Frank and co. over a few days earlier. The posts seemed legit. In fact, I assumed the first in the series was from yesterday.

    But no.

    All three on the same day.

    I have been gotten.

  2. Steven, I think that’s the funniest thing you’ve done since you pulled the fire alarm at the hotel in Mobile a few weeks ago. Happy April Fools Day!

  3. OK… that was fun. My favorite part was when Susan asked if there was going to be an April fools joke. I should give her a cookie for that!

    al sends

  4. Good riddance, Mr. Gustaf…. go back to Rilap Loof where you belong. You can take Al sends (and his nonexistant cookies) with ya! I hear he’d make an excellent president…

  5. sg, I spoke with the potential future first lady yesterday, and she’s pretty sure if Al got elected he’d get shot…by HER. What’s a nation to do?

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