…  from Carl. 

Rob and I have been blessed to be in conversation with Carl Gustaf, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.  We struck up this dialogue a few months ago, when we were talking about the ecumenical movement in Reformed circles and were persuaded to expand this discussion to include the LDS church. 

We are really following the lead of Greg Johnson (Baptist Pastor) and Robert Millet (BYU professor).  They have engaged in a serious effort to bridge the gap between the Mormon faith and the more mainstream Christian faith.  There are encouraging signs all around.  Even Ravi Zacharias has moved the discussion along.

We are not saying that we agree with everying the the Mormon church teaches, but we are willing to talk and perhaps, just perhaps God will do a work between us.

Carl does not have a wordpress account, but soon – right Carl 🙂  .  So here is his first post:

My name is Carl Gustaf, I am a Swedish born, American member of the Church of Jesus Christ Later Day Saints. Rob Hading and Al Stout (I guess al sends around here ) asked me to post at their BLOG for the purpose of expanding the discussion between Christian denominations. Let me begin by giving you a bit of background on how I became a member of the LDS church.

I was raised in the Church of Sweden and studied for the priesthood at the seminary in Rilap Loof, until age 20. It was then (1966) that I met an LDS missionary who introduced me to the other Testament of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon. As a new father with one young son this revelation and the life of the missionaries stirred my soul like nothing else and a fire burned within me, proving the spirit’s movement in my life. I left the Church of Sweden and moved to meet with these men to study in Sweden.

I immigrated to the US in 1979 and began to work for the Church as a full time professor at Brigham Young University, returning to Sweden only to attend the dedication of the temple in 1985. During this period of my life I began to work with Robert Millet, the current Professor of Religious Understanding at BYU. Robert has done much to bridge the gap between Christian denominations. I now work full time building on the work started by my betters, but hope to continue to bring us together.

I will post more later on where I believe we are headed as we all draw closer to our Brother Jesus Christ.

In the Church with you,



11 responses to “Introductions…

  1. Gud välsigne dig! (God Bless)

    Thanks for posting this… I think I have a wordpress account now. How do I post my first article on your site?

    Carl Gustaf

  2. Carl,

    Welcome the the Basket. As our previous conversations will indicate there are some significant differences between us, but I am hoping to engage in a productive dialogue. I do hope that when the conversation gets direct (as it sometimes does here), you’ll not be offended but will take it as an opportunity to learn (and to help us understand!).


  3. Oh, and as to the differences, we both believe that Jesus is the son of God. That is the starting point and you and Al at least recognize us as Christians

  4. We will get into this I am sure, but yes Mormons are Christians in the broad sense of the word. You claim Jesus Christ for salvation.

    al sends

  5. Hey, whaddya know, another student of Rilap Loof!

    I have to say that I found much of his exegetical work to be flawed, although you could always count on him for a good practical joke.

    Remind me to tell you about the time he stuffed my bed with snack cakes. Those were the days.

  6. Is this what happens after the world goes to Hell in a Handbasket… we start having authentic conversations w/ Mormons!? Good gravy.

    I look forward to tracking your posts Carl. I have a feeling I’m fixin’ to learn something, assuming we don’t run you off.

    Er… It is April 1st and I’m still holding out for a “gotcha!”

  7. Susan

    You are such a truth teller…I have a feeling you can be trusted.
    You are radically cool.

    al sends and everybody
    On another note… does this mean we need to go back and redo many of the councils and creeds from 200 ad and up? [s]

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