… synonymous with fisherman.  I mean really, who has not sat down to watch Bill Dance on a Saturday and thought, “this guy is as smooth as a fish bladder.”  I mean really.

Apparently, this is all facade and clever editing.  Who knew?

(I don’t know where these videos came from, but they might be part of this video series:  Bill Dance Bloopers.)

al sends


3 responses to “Professional…

  1. All facade and clever editing? I don’t know but here is another opinion. I received what follows from friends in Illinois who have checked Bill out.

    A couple of years back, Hannah and I were watching Bill Dance one dismal Saturday morning. Bill was walking along the edge of the shoreline, tripped and fell in the lake.
    I thought it looked rather ‘staged,’ but Hannah said no way, it was real. We made a bet, and emailed the producer of the show, asking the question. Can’t remember her name, but she said that it was in fact real, as were most other of his bloopers.
    I had to take Hannah out for a steak dinner. Too funny.

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