One Good Friday…

… who can’t be ecumenical?

We Providence folks were invited into the sanctuary of Harmony Ridge Baptist Church on Friday for a joint service. Let me just say… What a JOY!

The whole thing was really great! Got to put faces to names from the blog. Rob and David both did a great job on the homilies and singing was wonderful. We even shared the Lord’s Supper together!

I wish some of our Presbyterian brothers were as open to fellowship with us. 🙂

Thanks HRBC! You are all wonderful!

al sends


6 responses to “One Good Friday…

  1. Al, it was truly our pleasure and our honor to have the fine people of Providence with us. There was a true sense of rightness about the whole evening. It truly is good and pleasant when brothers dwell in unity.

  2. It was wonderful! Such a joy to look around and see all the smiling faces- old friends catching up, meeting new friends… Worshiping and sharing communion together… I truly enjoyed the evening. I hope we make this a habit!

    We *really* should do that more often.

  3. Let me add my voice to the lovefest, er, chorus. It really was a pleasure and a blessing.

    And for many of the Providence folks … is closure the right word? I think so, but not so much emotionally as objectively. All five of the founding families of Providence were there, none of whom had any ill will whatsoever toward HRBC. But going back and sharing communion brought a renewed sense of commonality that, I think, is very God-honoring. How often does this sort of reunion actually happen?

    Good on you, HRBC. Good on you, Rob. Praise Him.

  4. Put in that light David, then the Gospel has done her work splendidly, given that reconciliation is so near and dear to her heart. Happy are a people who exchange bitterness for sweetness, and division for fellowship. I wish there was more of it. All praise certainly belongs to the King of the Kirk! It was a pleasure to have been there and to have finally met Rob Hadding. Thank you HRBC for hosting this event.

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