A Candidate I Can Back!

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Nothing personal, Al.



4 responses to “A Candidate I Can Back!

  1. My personal choice:


    No, seriously, we’d get another channel on cable. CSPAN would be worth watching. And he’s smarter than anyone out there except possibly Barack Obama. And he’s Catholic. What could go wrong, eh? (just pay no attention to Pastor Stout’s last post)

  2. Only by national exposure standards, Doulos. Al Sends is clearly not a nobody. He is, to borrow from Jesse Jackson’s ’70s well-cadenced, frenzy-creating chant, “Somebody!”

  3. I am the least of all cadidates… As one nominee born out of due season, I came into this race. To not say amongst youreselves… I am of al or I am of nobody. Some have watered others have sucked the life out of politics, but it is God who sets up and brings down presidents.

    Don’t give up the fight!

    al sends

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