The Wright Conspiracy

(Or…Surprised by the Audacity of Hope?)

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, really, but I think I’m onto something that indicates that something nefarious is afoot in the 2008 presidential election. As we’re all aware by now, Barack Obama’s pastor, inspirer and spiritual guide, Jeremiah Wright, has said some things that are, well, controversial. As a result, Obama is in damage control mode, hoping to add distance between himself and his erstwhile campaign spiritual advisor. This is, in my opinion, the beginning of the end for the Obama campaign.

Even though Obama is scheduled to give a speech later today (from the City of Brotherly Love, no less) to affirm his commitment to racial equality and all the rest, it seems only a remote possibility that he will be able to recover. I’m reminded of Vince Lombardi’s line, “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.”  Be that as it may, the question emerges, “How did this just now get into the media stream, and why now? Well, I am inclined to think in terms of conspiracy. And a tangled conspiracy, indeed.

Isn’t it interesting that race, which is undeniably a factor in this election, has been treated in only affirming ways? In order to make the race thing an issue, it would have to come from within the Obama ranks, or charges of racism would no doubt ensue. Now the race thing is out there for all to freely discuss because it came from inside. Obama is associated with racism, so it’s his problem. Someone, no doubt a Hillary Clinton supporter (McCain wouldn’t have made this play so early) has put this stuff out there in order to stop her opposition. But I don’t think Obama was the primary target of the action, but a stepping stone to the bigger target, albeit in a brilliantly subtle way.

You see, I believe the true object of the conspiratorial shenanigans is Al Sends.

The parallels are uncanny, really. If we play the guilt by association game, we are able to unravel this web quite easily.

  • Obama, through is association with his pastor and others, is guilty of making claims of Federal Invasion against its own citizens.
  • Al Sends, through association with his pastor and others, is guilty of making claims of Federal Vision for the citizens of the kingdom of God.
  • Obama is influenced by a clergyman named Wright (Jeremiah).
  • Sends is influenced by a clergyman named Wright (N.T.)
  • Obama disavows some things that Wright (J.A.) says.
  • Sends disavows some things that Wright (N.T.) says.
  • Wright (J.A.) inspired the title of Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope.
  • Wright (N.T.) wrote a book entitled Surprised by Hope.
  • Wright (J.A.) says things that are controversial.
  • Wright (N.T.) says things that are controversial.
  • Obama stands between Clinton and the Democratic nomination.
  • Sends stands (by virtue of the write-in campaign) between Clinton and the White House.
  • Obama is linked to charges of separatism against Wright (J.A.).
  • Sends advocates Southern secession and is linked to Wright (N.T.)

So, the theory is this: By besmirching the reputation of Obama through a minister named Wright, she now subliminally subverts every minister named Wright and those who are shown to have any connection with him. This, in other words, is just groundwork for the big smear job coming against a serious minister and a serious opponent…namely Al Sends.

I suppose I could be reaching a bit. All I’m saying is “check it out.” These are perilous times.

[Update: Justin Taylor has some serious discussion and helpful links, including the text of the speech.]


5 responses to “The Wright Conspiracy

  1. So I’m teaching little boys and girls today to graph quadratics and you are constructing the mother of all conspiracy theories. Have I mentioned lately that you are whacked? [s]

  2. Hmm. After Barack HUSSEIN Obama, I want to know Sends’ middle name.

    Another note: both Wrights dress in robes to preach/diatribe.

    The problem with the government inventing HIV/AIDS is the same problem with the 9/11 conspiracies. Namely, there’s no possible way. If the government invented AIDS, the president would be the first infected. They might get the disease into the target group, after losing at least 100 interns/operatives. And besides, the Drudge Report would have broken the whole cover-up 3 months later, much to everybody’s public chagrin and private glee.

  3. What? AIDS? I thought he meant AYDS ( The government inventing AIDS? That is silly.

    al sends

    Oh, my middle name is Brown. The color.

    So, Obama and I have even more in common – He has brown skin (which has no bearing on his success as a candidate) and my grandmother’s maiden name was Brown. See? We’re practically twins.

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