Heresy Hear-say

Are you a heretic? If you are, confess your sins to David and he’ll get you all straightened out. (I, for what it’s worth, am 100% Chalcedon compliant.)

[HT: BeckyJ]


12 responses to “Heresy Hear-say

  1. 100% Clacedon compliant…

    I guess Nestorians are only 2/3 in error since I managed a 33% compliance with Nestorianism.

    That 2/3 is real important though!

    al sends

  2. Some of the questions were poorly framed. I couldn’t go all the way right or left on a couple, so I ended up with a couple of 33% dealies as well. Nothing bad. You know…Arian, Pelagian…that sort of thing. (chortle)

  3. I took this recently and scored 100% too but I was a little skeptical of some of my other scores. Anyway, for anyone looking for an explanation to the theological terms, here’s a link.

    Sorry for the link pimpin’ but it’s easier than reposting everything I had to say.

  4. Fully Chalcedonic here as well. But I was 42% Nestorian. I guess I am 9% less orthodox than Al.

    Maybe that’s why he’s running for president and I’m not…

  5. Arch… Rob posted a poem with links to other sites, issueing some veiled threats about linking us. Do you think we are concerned about link trolls?

    Oh, and your link was very helpful. Thanks

    al sends

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  7. Hah hah!! I am only 25% Nestorian!
    I am 92% Chalcedon Compliant. Booyah, suckas. Who gets to cut the line into the pearly gates come judgment? That’s right.
    Of course, I am also 33% Pelagian . . . but what’s a little clean-slate-theology between friends, eh?

  8. Shoot. Just saw that Pastor Stout is 100% Chalcedon compliant. Dangit. looks like I’m at the back of the line.

    Well, maybe one day those stupid Chalcedonians will come around.

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