When The Pope Does The Laundry…

… don’t give him your delicates.

When the US, American people elect me president in the month of November (Michigan and Florida – date subject to change), I promise to recommend that the editorial board of the NY Times resign and that the guys from The Onion take over.  Did you see this headline in the NYT?  No!  Of course not!  Why not?  ‘Cause they hate religion.



The Vatican stressed that nothing out of the ordinary happened to the shroud during the initial preparations for its monthly laundering in Rome. As is custom, on the third Sunday of the month, the priceless relic—which is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy—was taken from its hermetically sealed, bulletproof glass case and stuffed into the Blessed Papal Laundry Sack, and it was then transported by a retinue of Swiss Guards to Vatican City without incident.

According to Lajolo, the damage occurred when Pope Benedict XVI, whose turn it was to do the Vatican laundry, did not notice that a brand-new, bright-red Hanes Beefy-T belonging to Cardinal Angelo Sodano had been placed inside of the consecrated cleansing vessel, the Holy Whirlpool 24934 top-load washer.

Click the headline to read more.

al sends


7 responses to “When The Pope Does The Laundry…

  1. Hey you wise-crackas, at least we have a pope, alright!?!?

    This might actually be a good idea. Just don’t openly acknowledge it for at least 6 months and don’t let anyone do any tests. In about 200 years, people will be lining up in millions begging for DNA tests to see if it’s the real blood.

  2. Real blood? What do the Roman’s mean by real and how do you mean it Kaleb? How you answer those questions will determine if there are any tests done.

    al sends

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