… and a free T-shirt on the way.

When we cross the 10K mark I will post a comment telling you how to collect your Tee.  As usual we will be supporting Frank’s CafePress site.  Check it out.

I hope AllahPundit at HotAir wins.  He needs a God fearing T.

UPDATE:  I have moved the visit counter to the top of the sidebar ——>

It will look something like this:



al sends


15 responses to “10000…

  1. Glad you stopped by… The counter for this site is at the bottom right. When it passes 10K I will put something here that will let you know how to win the prize. WordPress does not do a very good job at keeping track of visitors in realtime. Come back over the next two days or so and you should see who wins.

    al sends

  2. Al, Is this some sort of clever way of skirting the campaign finance rules? Are you buying votes? I mean…I’m okay with it…just checkin’.

  3. I’m a giver Rob… don’t sully the purity of the moment with crass politicing… and if it gets me a few votes, well that’s good for the country. Right?

    al sends

  4. Welcome Kazoo…
    We are glad you stopped by this here backwater of a blog. Took a look at your blog and enjoyed the couple of posts I read. We have not talked Theonomy here, except in the abstract. Perhaps we can get some things going.

    Oh, and glad our new relationship with Ron is paying off… we were worried.

    al sends

  5. Are previous winners disqualified from trying? I promise not to photoshop the zeros this time.

    By the way, Al’s picture looks very manly,
    Rob’s picture looks very Dan Folgelbergish,
    and David’s is, well…….downright scary.

  6. I have come up with a new way to pick a winner… Previous winners are NOT disqualified, but I will only send them extra-small T-shirts. There is a price to pay for success.

    al sends

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