People I Need to Tick Off

(Or, People Whom Off I Need to Tick?)

Anyway, high five to the Brothers Bayly for the link on their blog. A couple of good guys with a blog worth reading. Read it often – a link is available to your right for easy access.

The interesting thing is that said linkage was generated through some, um, spirited give and take between certain basketeers and brother Tim. It reminds me that we ended up with a link on Mark Horne’s blog through a little mutual arm punching. This leads me to a theory: The way to generate traffic for our blog is by ticking off guys we like and/or respect. So, to test this theory (and to boost our traffic by bazillions), I’m announcing my intention to say things to raise the hackles of the following:

Doug Wilson

Michael Spencer (and the Boar’s Head Tavern patrons)

Biblical Horizons Bloggers (individually and collectively)

Phil Johnson (and the other Pyromaniacs)

Jon Barlow

Justin Taylor

and John MacArthur.

Okay, I know Johnny Mac doesn’t have a blog…that one’s just for fun.



8 responses to “People I Need to Tick Off

  1. About the Bayly brothers: David and Tim first came to my attention as they travelled from the Midwest down to Pinelles County in support of Terri Schiavo. As I remember, they spent about two weeks down there in the attempt to save her life and in support of her loved ones. As we know her death sentence was carried out not withstanding the desires of her loved ones. David and Tim are two of my heroes and I am pleased to see that you have added the link to their blog.

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