The Tale Wagging the Doggerel

Is this blog site going crazy?

Here I thought Al a man busy,

But it turns out he’s just lazy.

Burning the government buck,

While posting self-campaign muck

That makes the world want to upchuck.

But then, pondered I, “President!

I’ll pastor along with the gent,

Sends, who to the White House got sent!”

Barack, Hillary and McCain,

Are all men(!) I deeply disdain,

‘Cause with them we’ll go down the drain.

So my sense of smell I’ll suspend,

With a sense of doom that portends,

And vote (with Rob H.) for Al Sends!


10 responses to “The Tale Wagging the Doggerel

  1. But it turns out he’s just lazy.
    Burning the government buck

    Hey – Of the three things I posted today – One was written this morning before I went to work, cleaned up, modified and posted during my lunch hour. The second was written while my Lean Cuisine was in the microwave. The third was something I wrote back in January (except that last little line).

    I am doing the peoples business here. Of course, the taxpayers are paying for this reply, but I don’t take smoke breaks so it’s a wash.

    Al sends

  2. Will you have the same hair trigger with foreign heads of state who call to complain (presumably at 3 P.m.) once you are president?

    Seems a bit too defensive to me.

    This won’t look good on the evening talking head shows and in the morning papers …

  3. David, you will miss me when I’m president. You won’t have ol’ al sends to kick around anymore.

    al sends
    (I put those html tags in there to mock you)

  4. Yeah, but I’ll probably have the IRS show up for an audit or the ATF come take away my guns or the EPA come take my wetlands or the DCF come take my children. Or the Federal Department of Italics and Bold Font Enforcement come confiscate my computer — and then I can’t blog about you anymore.

    Sic semper tyrannos!

  5. Is no one going to comment on the Dr. Seuss-ness of Davids poetry? I waited for baited breath for a ‘thing one and thing two’ reference. You guys KILL me – can’t wait to meet you on Good Friday.

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