The Other Al

I found this Al Mohler quote while going through some old sermon notes. Thought I’d share. (I don’t remember the source, but I’m sure it was Mohler.)

Theology itself is…reduced to therapy. Entire theological systems are constructed with the goal of protecting and increasing self-esteem….These feel-good theologies dispense with the “negativity” of orthodox Christianity and do away with any offensive biblical text or even with the Bible altogether. Our are categories such as lostness and judgment, and in their place are set vague notions of acceptance without repentance and wholeness without redemption. Adherents of such theologies may not know or even care if they are saved or lost, but they certainly do feel better about themselves.

[Edit: Al (our Al, that is!) is a source-finding madman. The source for the above is Whatever Happened to Truth, Andreas Kostenberger, Gen. Ed., pg. 62. Al, you’re officially the man.]


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