Nothing New Under The Sun…

… but new to us.

 I have added a new Blogroll category:  ‘A New Blog Or Two.’  I see it being used as a holding area for blogs we stumble across or whose authors stop by for a visit.  We can then take a look at them and see if they rate a permanent slot in our more prestigious categories.

This is an evaluation time for The Basketeers and we will make all judgements with all the speed our schedules can afford.  Feel free to drop us a line and ask to be linked.  We are selective, but not picky.

Some blog authors may see their blog linked and take the opportunity to beg us not to associate ourselves with them.  We understand the need to protect your reputations and we will accept check or money order to keep your name unsullied.

Our first new link is Sola Fidelity, which is not as heretical as it sounds to some.

 al sends


17 responses to “Nothing New Under The Sun…

  1. For the Basketeers… What I propose is that we have a vote (secret or no?) on those sites we are considering for elevation to such a lofty spot. What say ye?

    al sends

  2. I say that we make our votes public…with full disclosure as to why we would add or not add (and possibly remove!). Could make for some interesting blog blogging.

  3. I think public as well… Do we require unanimity to link a blog permanently? The presbys could ban together and make this site look more orthodox 🙂

    al sends

  4. I think we should do it like the Jesus seminar. We vote with different colored beads, and those that meet our color criteria shall be in. Or we can vote by using Monty Python quotes, and let out decisions be cloaked in inanity. I vote green…No! Blue!…aaaaagh!

  5. Ron, each site will be judged on its own merits. Do you have merit that you bring to the table? Is your merit condign or congruent? Much depends on your answers.

    al sends

  6. Alas, I have no merit. I don’t believe there is such a thing. I have nothing I was not given.

    Oh and my favorite color is green – the color of life.

  7. … and I say chops is enough. Unless there is an objection I will move his link in among the honored few.

    Oh, and since Rob has seen fit to give the Baylys a spot we should just allow it to save face.

    al sends

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