The Basketeers Go To The Movies…

… and Bono is a bit full of himself.

(Rob was a bit faster than I, getting his up in record time, but I thought it was worth another post)

David, Rob and I went to see the U23D movie last night. We are all U2 fans of varying depth and loyalty and when it comes to the music, this was an excellent way to spend an hour and 20 mins or so.

The film’s creators took footage from several South/Central American concerts and spliced them together with some close up footage of the band singing and playing. According to wikipedia, this is the first live action movie ever filmed in digital 3D. The effects were very impressive and I thought there was only one over-the-top 3D moment. Rob mentioned this below, but during Sunday Bloody Sunday Bono sings the lines, “I’ll wipe your tears away, I’ll wipe your tears away, I wipe your bloodshot eyes” and sticks his hand out to do just that. The 3D effect brought Bono’s hand about 6 inches from my face and I wanted to back up.

While the 3D effect made me uncomfortable, it was the messianic overtone that bothered me most. The message appeared intentional. Now, there is a day in which every tear will be wiped from our eyes, but Bono is not holding the Kleenex.

This, and the “Coexist” bandanna, really presented a confusing theological picture. Bono believes in the kingdom advance, but I think his view of the kingdom looks more like the State Worship event in the National Cathedral, with all the “great religions” of the world getting a shot at leading the mass(es). He busts out a Rodney King “can’t we just get along” rap, while singing to a bunch of folks who love Pepsi more than death. (That last little bit refers to this from HotAir. I may put up something more on that in a bit).

Someone once told the Dixie Chick to just shut up and sing (they went on to make a documentary about that, missing the irony just a bit); well, Bono can’t help himself, but he does it so well you forgive him. And while all his singing is tinged with a political idealism that has shown itself vacuous at best and a path to fascism at its worst the music still makes me tap my toes.

One last thing, Rob did man up and get the large popcorn last night. We felt like his entourage as he led the way into the theater with his over-sized tub. All was not well though. There were shadows that foretold the fall to come.

First, Rob did not get butter on his popcorn, something about cholesterol was mentioned, but laughed off. Second, he almost immediately began to offer his popcorn to other people and there may have been an “accidental” spill of some sort. Lastly, he drank a Dasani water instead of a large caffeinated beverage.

The shadows told the story of a broken man who would be begging other people to finish his tub before he had to walk out with it. Dreams cast down and trampled upon; like so much stale, unbuttered, lightly salted corn. Think Bono would pass us a tissue?

Al sends


One response to “The Basketeers Go To The Movies…

  1. Al, Thanks for backing up my story about the “popcorn” and the “water.” (Adding a name brand was a nice touch.)

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