Jesus Is The New Israel…

… so says Matthew

A few weeks ago David  preached on The Temptation of Jesus out of Matthew.  It was a very enlightening treatment of a very familiar text.  I commend it to you. 

Matthew, David said, is not telling us how to resist temptation or discern the will of God or handle the pressures of the corporate world.  He is showing us that Jesus is the New Israel, the New Adam, and the New Moses.  He is the Christ.  Here is the link to that sermon. 

It is called Three Men and the Devil.

We, the Stouts, carried that forward in our devotions this morning.  We picked up where David left off and looked at the calling of the disciples.   As I looked over this section it just struck me again what Matthew was up to in his Gospel.  I really see the nation of Israel here  (Moses especially).  In everything from Jesus’ Baptism to the Sermon on the Mount the New Israel is being formed.

Here is how I see the flow of this section of Matthew:

  1. Matthew 3:13 – 4:1 Jesus leaves his home (ala Abraham – Gen 12:1), is driven into a captivity of sorts with the Devil (Israel into Egypt – Gen 47 and following),
  2. Matthew 4:1 He leaves by way of the desert (Israelites depart Egypt – Ex 12),
  3. Matthew 4:2-10 Jesus is tempted to complain (Israelite wilderness wanderings and grumblings – Every other passage in Exodus ),
  4. Matthew 4:11 He is ministered to by God (Moses and the children Ex 16 Manna; Ex 17 Water from the rock; etc.). 
  5. Matthew 5 – 7 He then gathers Israel together at a mountain and God the Son speaks on the law  (Moses, on Mt. Sinai, gathers Israel in Ex 19).

The picture Matthew paints of the Savior is so lovely I am taken aback sometimes.

Anyone else see parallels here?  And if Matthew is showing us how Jesus was the new Israel, does it change how we read the rest of the gospel?

al sends


One response to “Jesus Is The New Israel…

  1. I am continually amazed at how the Lord Jesus demonstrated perfect obedience where we could not, and how he fulfilled all things. Thanks for this beautiful picture. I had not noticed the parallels here before!

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