Calling All Nerds

Recently Rob suggested that one of two things was going on with us: either (a) God has given us a great gift in allowing us to understand the Scriptures, or (b) we are nerds.

In that spirit, as a former nerd (yes, former nerd — in junior high school I had glasses, braces, pimples, a bowl cut and all A’s – yikes), I offer you this: the Nerd Name Generator.

What is your nerd name? Come with me, Sven the Multics Introvert, and find out.


23 responses to “Calling All Nerds

  1. Clive, the REBOL Wizard. Oh yes. With the answers to all your REBOL, RE-REBOL, or PREBOL needs. Boo yah. But listen, Clive is a cool name. Or am I just showing my inner nerd?

  2. Francis, the Sushi Aficionado… and if any of you call me Francis, I’ll kill ya. If you try and feed me Sushi, I’ll kills you.

    Sven, you fed me fish once and had it been raw… well, let’s just say that Rob and I would be doing this blog alone.

    Franc sends

  3. I am “Larry, the x86-64 Instruction Set Hacker!” All who see me will despair and die!

    Unfortunately, I actually do know what this nerdy title means. So what does that say about me?

  4. Doulos,

    That, my friend, is a testament to your geekness. Couple that with the fedora you are wearing in your Gravatar and well… nerds genuflect, we are in the presence of greatness.

    al sends

  5. Mattias,

    First of all… welcome. Second of all… if anyone ever doubts your nerdness simply provide them a link to your blog. You have driven our geekness quotient through the roof. We thank you.

    al sends

  6. David, er, I mean, Sven,
    My question is this: Who else but a nerd would hear the word “nerd” and then go dialing up “nerd” on the WWW? We may be nerds, but you, my friend, are our king.

    (And it’s kewl.)

  7. “So bow down to him if you want, bow to him. Bow to the King of Slime, the King of Filth, the King of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo. Boo.”

    Got that one in your collection, there, Rick?

    And what in the samhill is that new avatar of yours? It looks like the eye of Jesus from a Byzantine 2-D painting.

  8. You tryin’ to butch it up by calling yourself Franc, Francis?

    And the avatar is a drawing my son did in the dirt. It’s a super hero…which is utterly fitting for this thread, no?

  9. I knew there were kindred spirits here at this blog, now it’s been confirmed by the commenting of a line from The Princess Bride, only the best movie ever made, past, present or future…

  10. Come on Francis, Franc is French money, Francis is feminine form honey. (Idid it just for you sg). Frank as in Frank Turk is very masculine, and finally frank is brutally honest.
    Spelling favourite with a u makes four more colourful spelling.

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