The Expulsive Power of the Bread and the Cup

Nineteenth-century Scottish pastor Thomas Chalmers once preached a sermon called “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection.” His thesis was that what it takes to shrivel the power of a sin is to replace the old affection that finds delight in the sin with a new and more powerful affection that finds delight in holiness. The new desire expels the desire for the old.

There is only one affection that is strong enough to overcome our love for sinning, and that is love for Jesus Christ. His kingly grace alone is strong enough to subdue our love for sinning and captivate our hearts for righteousness.

And I would argue that that is a big part of the power of weekly worship, and particularly of weekly communion. Here in the assembly of the saints, here at the table of the Lord, is the expulsive power of a new affection. Here at the table you are captivated by a superior beauty and gripped by the great love of a Savior who gave Himself for you, freely and graciously.

We have been exhorted by the Scriptures, by the Lord Jesus Himself, to root out sin, to pluck out and cut off everything that offends. As we come to this table, we remember that loving Him and knowing the power of His cross are the chief means of doing so.

What sins are you fighting and struggling to put to death? What desires seem to control you? Christ is powerful to overcome our sinful desires. So come and love Christ. Come find in Christ eaten and drunk the power to overcome the sins that ensnare you. Come and receive Him now.

Come, let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


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