Driscoll More Orthodox than MacArthur

Speaking of things emerging, this is interesting…and funny. Where do you put a guy like Peter Leithart or Al Sends [Al Sends ’08!] on a chart like this? Isn’t it also funny that the Fundamentalists are on the left and the Emergents are on the right? Is D.A. Carson really the center of orthodoxy? [Edit: See Joel Hunter’s insightful observation on this diagram at the BHT.]


4 responses to “Driscoll More Orthodox than MacArthur

  1. So according to this, Brian MacLaren is on the borderline of being orthodox? That sounds pretty generous to me.

    Yeah, seeing Carson placed as the “centrist” or “moderate” in orthodoxy seems not quite right. And I also noticed that the left and the right seemed to be politically reversed.

  2. You gotta love Driscoll!

    BTW Some of the MacArthur commentaries (Romans 1-8) seem to be less Calvinistic than they should be. Did he write some of those commentaries before he knew better?

  3. Bug was given a book authored by MacArthur that surprised me w/ it’s less than Calvinistic flavor. It even had a place in the back for the child to sign if they made the right choice… (can’t remember the exact wording, or I’d quote it… )

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