Samurai Jesus…

… adventures in making Jesus relevant.

Here is all you need to know about Ajinbayo Akinsiku’ graphic novel adaptation of the Bible:

The Sermon on the Mount did not make the book, though, because there was not enough action to it.

This is not Christ the Divine Warrior David talked about.  This is literally a caricature of the Divine Warrior of Scripture.

 al sends


2 responses to “Samurai Jesus…

  1. Hey, the goofy Archbishop of Canterbury likes it, so it must be OK. Maybe it includes some Sharia law, too.

    For years, he has worked as an artist, and a rendering of the Bible was the best way of glorifying God, he said in a telephone interview …


  2. Does he really? Hmmm…

    I don’t have a problem with “rendering the bible.” I have great difficulty with cutting up the bible and making it relevant. This guy wants to show Jesus as one of the Warrior Class. He said something about that I think. If my kingdom were of this world…

    al sends

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