… and the elusive “presidential bearing.”  Mike Huckabee has not money to speak of.  What has been remarkable about his campaign is how well it has done when you look at expenditures verses delegates.  That ratio looks like this (these numbers are estimates and should not be quoted) dollars spent:delegates earned –

Mitt Romney – $10 gazillion:286 delegates

John McCain –  $25 million:714 delegates

Mike Huckabee – $13.95:181 delegates

I must admit this is pretty impressive.  How is he able to do this?  For starters he is a populist.  His desire is that the common man run the government.  If Mike Huckabee is Andrew Jackson then Mitt Romney is John Quincy Adams.  Mitt is part of the privileged class in America and Mike is a regular guy, looking to empower other regular guys.  Huck may not win the presidency this time around, but look to the future.  If the country goes to Hell in a Handbasket under the rule of our likely nominees, his brand of populism will take off.

Some may be thinking this is a good thing.  Let me give you two reasons why this would be terrible:

First, the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Second, AirHockey and Gravitas do not go together.  This would not stop after he was elected.

al sends

P.S.  I would have included Ron Paul’s ratio in this post, but as far as I can tell he has not actually spent any of the money he has raised.  I’m just saying…


13 responses to “Huckey…

  1. Hey Al, Call me dense, but what does popular election of senators have to do with Huckabee’s populism? Is it that the 17th is a species of the genus of populism — look how badly that turned out … ergo … Huckabee’s populism is a bad thing? Or what?

  2. Populism leads to bad law… Does not matter if it is the direct election of Senators or taxing the corperations to recover the shrinking middle class…

    and you are not so dense.

    al sends

  3. So am I… When I told the kids I might do this they wondered what would happen if I won. They were jazzed about armed escorts to school.

    al sends

  4. Kind of intimidating to think of secret service agents always hanging around eavesdropping on our conversations. Can I wear one of those cool speaker things that tuck into your ear?

  5. I suppose since Al has announced his candidacy, they already are, David.

    Speaking of Al’s candidacy, that explains why he “went negative” so early on Huckabee…going for the conservative vote. Strategy. Cool.

    (And yes, you can have a cool speaker thingy…you love the toys, don’t you?)

    Al Sends ’08!

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