Going Along Quietly

Here’s a passage from Blog and Mablog today. Good reminder for after Super-Duper Obese Tuesday. Mm mmm good.

Congress is not the light of the world, and neither is Congress the salt of the earth. The reason our culture is falling apart is because the salt — the Church — has lost its savor (Matt. 5:13-16). When this happens the Church is trampled on by men, which is how our Lord wants it. The reformation of our culture cannot happen with the Church in its current condition. Politics is no savior, but politics will be saved. God has promised that the nations of the earth will come to serve Him faithfully, and this will include our nation at some point. Political answers are never political, but the true answers will have political ramifications. So if our nation cannot be saved unless the Church is reformed and overhauled, and if our nation will be saved, then this means that the Church will be restored in authenticity. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish it. We might as well go along quietly.


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