That Settles That

The questions started simple enough. We were talking about denominations and it emerged that there were some who felt as though Southern Baptists had things more figured out than the others.

So, the conversation goes something like this:

Preacher 1: Why are we so sure that Southern Baptists have it all figured out? We don’t even agree amongst ourselves on a lot of things.

Preacher 2: Well, that’s the great thing about Southern Baptists. We have freedom in the lesser things, but we agree on the major things.

Preacher 1: Like salvation.

Preacher 2: Exactly.

Preacher 1: But what if we don’t agree on salvation, what it is, how it occurs, etc.?

Preacher 2: ::blank stare::

Preacher 1: For instance, you and I would come away with a different understanding of Romans 9 and Ephesians 2, and other passages. What do we do now? Who is right?

Preacher 3: God.

Preacher 2: That’s right.

Preacher 1: ::blank stare::


9 responses to “That Settles That

  1. Preacher 1/2: Maybe you need to get out more, Preacher 2

    Preacher 2: You don’t love Jesus. Here let me share these 4 spiritual laws with you.

    Preacher 1/2: Sigh. I guess I’ll just go hang out with those crazy Calvinists on highway 90.

  2. Preacher 1 just needs to read his bible. If he would just read his bible, he would see that it’s all right there in black, white, and red. Plain as day. If he would only just read it.

    Preacher 1, if you’re reading this, stop being divisive and just read your bible.

  3. I am a Baptist again after 20 plus years in the non-den. world. I miss the co-op effort of world missions and at least the attempt to preach biblical doctrine. In the non-den. world, neither of these is important.

  4. Pride is multi-faceted, eh Preacher 1?

    Dan- welcome to SBC world… it DOES have it’s good points, just ask Jimmy Carter who had to come in as a peace negotiator…

  5. As a Southern Baptist I can tell you that we don’t have it all figured out! Don’t get me wrong – I love the SBC. About 150 years or so ago, we lead in missions and taught Biblical doctrine/theology! Am I saying we don’t anymore? Yes, unfortunately! Who moved? The SBC, not GOD the Father!! As a denomination, we need to repent of our sins (on a personal level), pickup our crosses daily, and follow our LORD and Savior!Enough said – Tika =)

  6. Hey Tika. We love the SBC! I pray that we (us covanental folks) learn to love the far flung lost the way they do. I pray that we do so for the love of God and the spread of His kingdom and glory.

    Thanks for stopping by…

    al sends

  7. I think Preacher 1 is just a little uptight. He needs to stop worrying about things like theology and biblical doctrine and just love people. He needs to have a heart for soul winning and not be so worried about the details.

    That way he could get along with the other preacher boys. After all, as one church sign recently said, “Being nice is more important than being right.”

    Preacher 1, lighten up.

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