Get Saved and Behave (or not)

Paul articulated…a way of being human which he saw as the true way. In his ethical teaching, his community development, and above all in his theology and practice of new life through dying and rising with Christ, he zealously articulated, modelled, inculcated, and urged upon his converts a way of life which he saw as being the genuinely human way of life. And he saw this as the way of life to which Judaism had been called, but to which, without the Messiah, Judaism had not attained and could not attain. …Paul’s vision of the renewal of humanity in Christ is not simply a one-dimensional ethic. It is not simply a matter of ‘getting saved’ and then ‘learning how to behave’. It is a multi-textured vision, woven together to meet various specific needs, and promoted with all the energy that, Paul declared, his God had inspired within him.

                               [N.T. Wright, What Saint Paul Really Said, p. 136]


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