Theology Jazz – Adam/Christ

First groom, Last Groom.

From the opened and healed side came the bride, by the wounded side comes the Bride.

The first betryaying, The Last betrayed.

The first receiving the breath of God, the Last sending it.

The first eating from the tree of death, the Last dying on the tree of life.

The first expelled, the Last the Way.

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9 responses to “Theology Jazz – Adam/Christ

  1. The first lost the garden, the Last regained it.

    The first sinned with food in his mouth, the Last became food in our mouths.

    The first exposed his bride to danger, the Last covers His bride with glory.

    The first received the curse, the Last became the curse.

  2. The first wanted food forbidden; the Last said, Man does not live by bread along.

    The first tested the Lord; the Last refused angel arms.

    The first wanted a god of his own making; the Last said, you shall have no other Gods before me.

    The first was overcome and was fed by a serpent; the Last overcame and was fed by angels.

    al sends
    (we talked about this in our family devotions this morning)

  3. The first abandoning his bride, the Last abandoning his life for his bride.
    The first asserting independence died, the Last dying brings freedom.
    The first in pain and labor eats of the ground, the Last by pain gives food without price.
    The first chose death and thus we died, the Last chose death and thus we live.

  4. This has been my absolute favorite post. Beautiful.

    The first swallowed the fruit; through the Last we bear fruit.

    The first made from dust; the Last risen from the dust of the grave

  5. The first tasted fruit which brought death; the last tasted death which brought life.

    But we see him who for a little while was made lower than the angels, namely Jesus, crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone. Heb. 2.9 ESV

  6. By the first, death entered the world; by the Last, life more abundant.

    By the first, we were named; by the Last, we were claimed.

    al sends

  7. Sweat marks the brow of both, the first producer of sin; the Last redeemer.

    Silence from both, first while his bride was tarnished; Last to cleanse her eternal.

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