Your Next President

David’s prophetic (dis)qualifications apply here, so if I’m wrong don’t stone me. But here are my predictions concerning the 2008 Presidential election. I realize it is early, but this seems the likeliest sitch, so I’m calling it.

For the Democrats it will be Hillary/Edwards. She’ll need a plausible male running mate who has some cred but who will not be a threat to her masculinity. I don’t think Obama will have the legs to make it to the big dance and it has much less to do with ideology than with the fact that his name rhymes with Osama, and the nervousness over talk that he is a Muslim – in spite of his insistence to the contrary. Hillary can easily get back on the inevitability bus and ride it into the convention, and she probably will.

For the Republicans it will be McCain/Huckabee. Huckabee is unelectable as a presidential nominee. He doesn’t have sufficient mo with the evangelical base, he’s not looking good in the poles, and he is running out of money. Romney just gives a lot of people the creeps. Ron Paul is fat with cash, but is simply not sexy enough for the image-driven world of presidential politics. Rudy doesn’t have a chance. So, by process of elimination, McCain gets the nod. Huckabee will be the VP nominee because McCain needs to make an appeal to a more conservative crowd (although…insert eye-roll here).

And the winner will be Hillary Clinton.

Just callin’ ’em like I see ’em.


10 responses to “Your Next President

  1. I like your picks and reasoning. With the exception of your Ron Paul comment. His problem is we’re a video induced culture and he hasn’t marketed himself. If he spent some $$ on marketing an image I think he’d do better, but still fall short of getting on the big docket.

    I’m curious over the lamenting THIS election year and I ask when were any of you excited about a Presidental race? It’s always been the ‘lesser of two evils’ for me. I can’t EVER remember being overly ‘excited’ about the Presidential candidates.

    All this just deepens my longing for Christ to come and end this insanity.

  2. It is clear that Paul hasn’t spent the first contribution dollar on image management. He does have appeal with people on the right and the left for widely differing reasons, but without media love it ain’t gonna happen – and there is no media love.

    There is one demographic that Paul has sewn up, however. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has courted the dyslexic lobby. Have you seen the signs that read “Ron Paul: Revolution” where the “evol” in revolution is written in such a way to be read love? (High five to my quick witted wife for that little nugget.)

    Anyway, in answer to your second paragraph, I don’t recall ever being particularly energized by a presidential election, however I have always found it to be irresistible spectating.

  3. As for Ron Paul, I think that it’s his nonpolished, earnest nerdiness that appeals to many people of so many stripes. All substance and no polish: a welcome respite to cynical, media-weary people who believe that America has lost her way (whatever that may mean) and need a solution, not a demagogue.

    I have to say that when I hear Romney’s slick language and see the evening soap opera hairdo, I groan, even before I consider his positions. And then I groan again.

  4. I agree, David, that that is his appeal. And I would truly pick him over any other option in the field right now. But I also think that those who like him for the reasons you state are relatively few in number, and absent some kind of media help, the rest of the world isn’t going to see him as anything other than an unfashionable wingnut. This is why he doesn’t have a shot. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  5. See, I would say that Hillary is too much a Feminazi to make it in the big time. Obama runs with Edwards, and Republicans, my call is Romney/Romney. I mean, I don’t know if anyone else can fit on the stage with him AND that hair. Anyhow, I think Ron Paul has actually done an excellent job of marketing himself with young college students. But I believe that Ron Paul would do much better on an independent ticket. He is very appealing to Democrats too, I believe.

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