Thanks To The Folks In Minnesota…

… and Oregon, Georgia, The Dakotas, well… thanks everyone.

 Apparently, I am due getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 bucks from the Federal Government (not that the government actually has its own money, they took ours).  If you make under gobs and gobs of money a year, you too are going to get a check.  Praise be the Federal Reserve.  Here is what Congressman Boehner, A REPUBLICAN!!!, had to say about this deal:

“You know, many Americans believe that Washington is broken,” the Ohio Republican said. “But I think this agreement and I hope that this agreement will show the American people that we can fix it and will serve to move along other bipartisan agreements that we can have in the future.”

Three questions to ask yourself as you cash this check… 

  1. How does giving folks a bunch of new money help our economy, where debt is one of the contributing factors to its floundering?  By new I mean, printed up just for the occasion.   
  2. Is this kind of bipartisanship a good thing?  I liked it better when they were so deadlocked they could not pass a spending bill.
  3. If we did not earn this money coming to us then how does it square with the 8th Commandment? (for further study see Doug Wilson’s sermon, titled The Forgotten Duty, on this topic)  If Uncle Sam plays middle man is it not just as egregious a theft?

I am really struggling with that last part by the way… We have a rental house that has been without a tenant for 6 months.  Two mortgages can put a hurtin’ on budget.  Perhaps this is like the Egyptians giving out going away presents to the Hebrew children as they headed out toward the Promised Land. 

Nuts, that does not work… If I cash that check then my wagon would be full of gold from my Hebrew neighbors too.  That reminds me…

Thanks New York.

 al sends


9 responses to “Thanks To The Folks In Minnesota…

  1. I deleted my last comment…

    What about the folks who did not pay that much income tax this year? Could this be considered a loan?

    al sends

  2. Perhaps the king of Sodom still wishes to say that he has made Abraham rich. Perhaps further, since we’re stuck with this rebate we should set it aside to give to our children or grandchildren against the time when they get stuck with bill for it on their taxes.

  3. That is a good thought Winford. How about giving it to the church? I am not begging for money here, just thinking about the propriety of it. Would this be a good thing to do?

    al sends

  4. We all pay Federal Taxes, so how is it that we didn’t ‘earn’ it? We earned it and Uncle Sam took it for his use and now chooses to give it back. I don’t think this will ‘spur’ the economy in any way what so ever. I think it’s W trying to help out the party he has gone far to destroy.

    I agree it’s dangerous in a society where more will probably use this as a down payment on a car or SUV. I however can use the $$$ to pay off some bills I’ve racked up.

    I love WW2’s suggestion as I’m sure my children do.

    Our tithe should come out for the church – so Harmony Ridge will get a little ‘bump’ whereas Olive will get a LANDSLIDE (basd on straight numbers of attendees)

  5. I’m of the mind that this economic stimulus package is contributing to the bigger problem rather than providing any real help. Our problem is competitive consumption. We have a zillion-dollar-a-day McNugget habit, and the only thing this sort of “stimulus” actually accomplishes is to reenforce (perhaps accelerate) our addiction to stuff that kills us. Mere gold.

    When a junkie goes into withdrawl what he needs is not more heroin. He needs to go through the withdrawl. He probably won’t die (although he may feel like he is). But until he stops he will never stop. (I’m not an economist, mind you, but this seems like madness to me.)

    The handcart proceedeth down the slope slippery.

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