One More Daily Read…

… to put on your blogroll.

Rob has already directed you to the Biblical Horizons Blog, but some of you have not yet clicked on over. Do you fear that Rob is leading you over a cliff to a wet gurgly death? We know you are not lemmings and you want to exercise discernment, checking out what happens to the lead rodent before you take that next, possibly fatal, step.

So, here is one more post asking you to give it a try. James Jordan asks us to consider the strength of other Christian Churches and I think that is a swell idea.

Come on in boys, the water is fine.

al sends


10 responses to “One More Daily Read…

  1. Al, I am so glad you linked to that post. I saw it (and the one before it by Obadiah, which I read in our Introduction to Calvinism class last night), and wanted to link it, but thought I may look like too much of a fan boy, so I just left it. But I agree that Jordan’s piece is excellent, and should be read by all of our friends. I particularly like the point where he encourages us to become charismatic (grin).

  2. On a serious note … the warmness and generosity (love) that that post embodies is something the fundamentalist (generally speaking) is locked away from. In whatever way I have imbibed that sectarian spirit in the past, I know now that I was impoverished for it.

    The kingdom is so much bigger than our categories. I want to learn from God’s people where they are — but never give away what is precious to me as a reformed catholic protestant who loves Bama football.

  3. Ok. What does a never been in a formal church enviroment minimalist Methodist attendee from a purpose driven church to a reformed (protestant) who loves Seminole football bring to the table?

    Can we not get anything from those who have not been involved in life long church life?

  4. Robert,
    It seems that the traditions of the various brands of Christianity (generally speaking, of course) is what is in view. If we’re talking about individuals (don’t start THAT again…grin), the picture changes quite a bit. But, I do think the same holds true. We learn from each others’ experiences, perspectives and even preferences. If we’re talking about a spirit of esteeming each other more highly than ourselves, it works on every level. Although, I’m not sure the Seminoles bring much to the table…except some empty seats.

  5. Robert, if we do it will be by accident. The groups mentioned so far have focused intentionally on the areas mentioned. Someone who wants to bring, let’s say NCAA Football street cred to church developed that cred without reference to God or the worship of God. Does that make sense?

    al sends

  6. I meant to imply that ‘those’ I was referring to were now filled with God’s fullness of grace, who’s hearts have been pierced and eyes uncovered; not pagans who just came into the church to take a peak about. I do understand what you mean when you say ‘…without reference to God or the worship of God.’ A heart lacking the desire (given by God) to glorify Him is not pleasing to Him regardless of how ‘nice’ or ‘good’ the owner of the heart my be or think to be.

    Rob hit the nail on the head – I brought this article into my view and threw up on this blog from that same vent. Pride and self-centeredness are not far from my heart.

    James Jordan’s meditations are well simply beautiful. We need to follow the model of our Savior and ‘look to esteem the other better.’

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