Jordan Shoots and Scores

This quote comes from Jim Jordan on the Biblical Horizons Blog.

Also, as a postmil, I confess that we are still in the early days of the Great Conversation, so perhaps everything I mooted in that essay will prove inadequate. But that won’t happen unless people put stuff out there to be dealt with, which is what I’ve done.

He’s addressing someone who was criticizing his approach to the Psalms (you’ll have to go check it out for yourself, and look in the comments section here). What I really liked here is that Jordan is saying, “Look. We have to put our best minds into understanding God’s word to us, and the only way we’ll be able to get it right is if we diligently put it out there and let others kick it to see if it moves. We haven’t mined all of the truth that God intends for us, so lets dig and examine what we find.” Yay, Jim.


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