Presidential Ignorance, and I’m Not Just Talking About W.

The CNN story begins with this lead: “President Bush on Friday proposed a temporary, broad-based tax relief package aimed at spurring the nation’s slowing economy.” Tax cuts — yay! The president is holding a news conference to show that he cares about the crisis of the day. Ho hum, you say. I have a question, though. Since when is it the president’s job to “spur the economy”? Since when is it the president’s job to make sure that my economic future is bright … that my prospects for earning and consuming are stellar?

Go read the United States Constitution [audio version available here]. I don’t mean to be condescending, but seriously, we are in a presidential election cycle. Have you refreshed on the president’s job description lately? That is certainly part of the problem with the way people think about the president. Candidates promise to take Washington apart and put it back together again better so that your life will be better than it has ever been before.

Messianic politics indeed. Have you asked the president into your heart?

If there is any hope for our handbasket-directed former republic, it is with the church. But does the church (not to mention the voting populace) even understand the political process and our founding document? When we are electing a president, do we know whom we are electing? Are we electing someone to make our consuming habits profitable for the tax gatherers? Are we electing someone who will meet our every need — especially our economic needs since we are, after all, basically economic animals who earn, consume and pay taxes to fund the largess of the messianic state?

Here’s a radical thought for the president: just do what the constitution says you should do. Nothing more and nothing less.

[edit: Al, I’ve added an audio version of the Constitution. (It’s a full service blog.)]


3 responses to “Presidential Ignorance, and I’m Not Just Talking About W.

  1. Greasing the skids of the economy in this way is installing a turbo charger under the hood of ye ol’ handbasket. To quote my oldest beautiful daughter, “Yikes, we’re in big trouble.”

  2. ‘Read’ the Constitution? Can I get a Podcast please? or maybe you could just break it down for me into ‘Dave-notes’ awwww shucks, I’ll just see who everybody else is voting for and vote that way. It’s always best to follow the crowd, right?

  3. “Messianic politics indeed.”

    They are all making prophetic statements… ALL illegals sent home. No More IRS… you name it, they can do it.

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