Do I Like Mike? Well …

I know there have been a lot of words about Huckabee being bandied about here at ATH in recent days. I have to say that I’m about as unimpressed as my fellow basketeer Al. But here was a news story I just ran across that demonstrates why I am tempted to like Mike. “Evolution? Nah. It’s a buncha hooey. Now vote for me.”

I won’t vote for him, and I really don’t think he’ll win. But I have to admit that when it comes to speaking his convictions, well, he’s got a pair.


8 responses to “Do I Like Mike? Well …

  1. If it is between Hill and Huck or Obama Huck, believe you me, I will be casting a Huck-a-vote. There are sinners and then thier are sinners.

    al sends

  2. and spelling ‘there’ correctly… Why do I only see those when I go back and look at what I posted? Man, I am one pathetic loser.

    al sends

  3. I only make one mistake per post… So, if I make two mistakes I have to go back and fix one of them. After all, I only make one mistake per post.

    al sends

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