A Huck-a, Huck-a Burning Love…

… why I, an evangelical Christian, have such a problem with the Huckster.

He believes in Jesus Christ.  I like
He hates abortion.  I like
He doesn’t believe your life should be compartmentalized, with faith here and politics there.  I like – a lot.

He favors policies that undermine the Church in her God given role within society.  I don’t like – at all.

You may think it odd that with so much going for the Huckster I could be against him.  Given that all the candidates are sinners and no party is going to put forth the “perfect candidate,” how can I be against a guy just because he favors a little soft socialism?

Glad you asked…

The Church is suffering from neuromuscular disease.  Our brains (theology, doctrine, pronouncements) fire off signals to muscles (deacon ministry, visiting prisoners, caring for widows and orphans) and our muscles twitch a bit and return to rest.  So while Huckabee says he wants to apply the bible to the Constitution I am afraid he will do as good a job at that as we have done applying it to the Church.  This goes for dealing with sexual sin as well.

It is a matter of wisdom.  Here we have a man, trained in the things of God; led a segment of the Church of Christ; saw ramifications of sin (he really was a pastor after all); and yet believes that the government should be subsidizing those who will not work and providing for the care of widows and orphans.  True religion is carried out by the federal government? 

These labors are the purpose of the Church, to exercise dominion in the world, telling the hungry of the world – peace be filled and providing a bowl of soup or two.   Preaching the gospel of the kingdom and calling the nations to repentance and discipleship under God – that the work of the Church not government.  To confuse those roles is to damage both institutions.

If Gov. Huckabee is elected to the office of President the Church will suffer, as her God given muscles continue to atrophy.  

As we exit to sleep…  Should homosexual marriage be a constitutional issue?  Would this benefit or hurt the kingdom?

al sends


4 responses to “A Huck-a, Huck-a Burning Love…

  1. Would you vote for Huckleberry in order to oppose Hillary? (I’m recalling our conversation about the Punic Wars in which you taught me much about a practical slowing of the enemy on one front while the offensive work was done another.) I doubt that Huck will make it to the big game, personally, but there are worse options, no?

    This does not mean I’m a Huck Fann…just doing some sorting.

  2. i was thinking about this same scenario just today…

    I’ve started typing this puppy several times and I keep deleting my analogies. I had one about a wolf outside the sheep’s pen vs. the one inside the pen, but it fell apart quickly.

    You know what, I have no idea what I will do come November. I guess I will just pray and pick between the lesser of two sinners. This will probably come down to the life issue. Huck is pro life and I cannot vote for a woman who loves death.

    Really caught between a rock and a hard place with our choices. May God show us mercy.

    al sends

  3. So many great points here. I’ll say I agree wholeheartedly with the neuromuscular analogy. And as a Democrat and a Christian (I know, I know) I’ll say that I for one would love to have the problem of doing away with government programs in favor of letting the Church do its work. I don’t see that happening though.

    As for me, I don’t want to vote for Hillary (even I’m not that liberal) and given the choice between going with my party or not if it comes down to her or just about anyone else I’d break ranks.

    Love the blog!

  4. hey Scott,
    Thanks for the props. I have a post in the works, that has been in the works for a LONG time, that may speak to your “Democrat and a Christian” point of view.

    Grace to you brother.

    al sends

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