WWJVF… Who Would Jesus Vote For?

…Google this Question… Who would Jesus Vote For. Go ahead, I’ll wait (soft rock plays in the background, while the masses drive up Google’s revenue)…


A few things to notice from your results… First of all, if you did not put the phrase in quotes you get over 1 million hits. If you did put it in quotes you only get 22 thousand or so. One of those sites the quotes eliminated was a Christianity Today piece, correcting my grammar. But that is not important right now.

What is important is this… Many of those articles talk about voting for the lesser of two evils and how Jesus would call the lesser of two evils, EVIL!!! and He would never vote for him or her.

But that question, like all the WWJD type questions, belies a deep theological error. It supposes that to know the mind of Christ is to know how He would respond as a man in our current situation. Outside of clear prohibitions or positive commands, we cannot hope to know what Jesus would do in a given situation today. Why not? Glad you asked…

Well, to start with Jesus was never in your situation. He may have been in something similar, but He did not record for us how He would respond to Aunt Sally’s drinking up all the cooking sherry just before it was time to baste the rib roast. Sherry was not even around then.

Jesus walked the earth two millennia ago. If you want to know how Jesus would act at a wedding in Cana, where the Roman Army provided security and the good wine flowed late in the celebration, you might have a well to go to in this discussion. How He would act walking down the center isle at your local Community Church is another story. YOU DON’T KNOW!

This brings us to the question before us today… Who Would Jesus Vote For (or For Whom Would Jesus Vote – Thanks C.T.)

Let’s look back at a bit of Biblical History and see who Jesus “voted for” in the past…

Two possible governors of Judah after the collapse of Israel to the North: The candidate on the right is Nebuchadnezzar, the wicked king of Babylon. To list out his demerits would take a page or two, but suffice to say Nebuchadnezzar was proud man who would burn a fella to death given the slightest provocation. A rank pagan who loved idols, especially ones that looked like him.

His opponent – Jehoiakim, a rebel king who hated the wicked king of Babylon. He came from a political family; the people really loved his daddy who was a war hero and the great restorer of the Passover Feast. His brother was king before him and Jehoiakim took the throne during a difficult time. He promised peace through negotiation, providing Egypt with a little tribute to keep things on the nice and level. Not like his daddy, but at least there was hope for peace.

There are your two candidates (2 Kings 23-24 and Daniel 1-4 for a more background on your candidates). Who would Jesus “vote for?” Well, as it happens, He “voted for” a ruthless, temple destroying, proud, baby killing, God hater. That is who would rule over His people.

In the upcoming election here in the US, Jesus may “vote for” a God hating, baby killing, cry on demand, slave reparations loving, free gub’ment health care sponsoring, liberal from New York. Or he may not “vote for” Ruddy Guliani at all. He may “vote for” a recently pro-life polytheist who loves him some big gub’ment as well.

And you know what? It would be a good thing if He “voted” any one of out current candidates. We may not see the goodness at the time, but it would be the best thing for the Church, which will reign forever with Him; and the best thing for America, which won’t.

Now, down to the practical: If you want to vote like Jesus your first step is to become omniscient. Then do everything for the advancement of the Kingdom and not your wallet, country or political party then pull the lever. Until all of that is in place I am afraid that WWJVF is at best an unhelpful question.


al sends


11 responses to “WWJVF… Who Would Jesus Vote For?

  1. So, I click over here because of your plaintive bleat at Frank’s blog only to find out that Jesus isn’t a Republican. Gee — thanks for nothing.


  2. Sorry Al, I didn’t realize you actually had a blog.

    Some of your comments make me think you are an emergent presbyterian…and then some a fatalistic Deist.

    While I can agree with your premise, as Christians living in a land where democracy is an option, should we not seek for wisdom in who to choose as our leader. Now obviously prayer for the right candidate is a good place to start. But probably more particular; prayer that the kingdom will come in a manifested way as God’s people live in faithful obedience to His Living Word.

    We can probably do much more as the salt and light than we can by beating the drums of partisan politics. That being said, we are responsible to be faithful in the process as citizens.

    You asked who would Jesus vote for. He doesn’t vote, He elects! 🙂

    And as the One who ultimately sets up and puts down, we should raise our supplications to Him that righteousness would reign supreme, for righteousness exalts a nations but sin a disgrace to any people.

    God bless,

  3. Well done, Al. Yes, Jesus does have a secrete vote in this election and it will prevail.

    As for us, instead of voting on domestic issues that may improve our lives/culture, why not vote for the candidate whose policies would, unintentionally I’m sure, work to open up countries that are currently closed. Isn’t that voting to advance the Kingdom?

  4. I can see Jesus now, at the voting center…. giving the little old blue hair ladies trouble… asking all sorts of questions like He always did in the Bible… then saying something like, “Verily, verily, if you knew who it was that asked you for a #2 pencil…”

    I agree Al… I never get very far when I ask myself WWJD. WWGD works better for me. That’s What Would George Do (as in George Muller – I’ve joined his fan club, ya know).

    Funny thing, in all that I’ve read on George, he doesn’t mention politics. I get the feeling he was too busy caring for people to notice it.

  5. Jim – “Some of your comments make me think you are an emergent presbyterian…and then some a fatalistic Deist.”

    To some I am both…

    Of course we should be discerning in our voting, but it is a matter of wisdom and not a Gnostic inward “this is what I think Jesus would do if He were pulling the lever” kinda thing. Which pet sin of our nominees is going to do the most harm to the kingdom of God? Jesus knows the answer to that question and we do not.

    Can we sin while pulling the lever for the man or woman (yuck) whom God has chosen for the highest office in the land? Sure we can. The mystery of responsibility and sovereignty play out even in the voting booth.

    Be wise. Look to the word and then pick between two or eight sinners.

    al sends

  6. Al,

    That last line was actually very helpful. You reminded me that we’re picking between sinners. It is not choosing the lesser of two (or eight) *evils* as much as we’re choosing, no matter how you slice it, between fallen humans.

    Somehow, in an uneasy way, that makes stepping into the booth of a thousand screams a little less bleh.

  7. “The mystery of responsibility and sovereignty play out even in the voting booth”

    And let us pray no hacker breaks the code and messes with the numbers. I just don’t trust this new electronic voting…where is the transparency and accountability?

  8. Jim, I have some problems with that myself. We use the optical scanners here. You draw a line next to your candidates name, feed it into a machine and it counts your vote. They you have a paper trail as well.

    al sends

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