Books I Liked In 2007…

…taken with coffee… overpriced coffee.

The Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling –  A medium roast cafe ole, rich and fulfilling.  The killing off of sympathetic characters and the judgement of souls withered by sin was bitter sweet.

The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkin – A creamy cappuccino without sugar.  Nice bit of the familiar, largely concerned with Hobbits.  I was struck by how much the movies have influenced my reading of the books.  I see Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen and I am not so sure that is a bad thing.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury – Double Shot Ethiopian Espresso.  One of Bradbury’s best books.  Almost lyrical.   The pull and even beauty of evil is on full display; as is evil’s horrible end for those who succumb to its charm.  Love conquers evil in the end.

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes – Not a coffee, but one of those Carmel Apple Spice drinks.  Edith Grossman’s translation was supurb, at least as far as I can tell.  I don’t know enough Spanish to really tell.  I loved the first book.  Cervantes knew how to put on a farce.  There were belly laughs when Quixote smelled the, ummm, fear of Sancho Panza.  Belly laughs.

William Wilberforce: A Hero for Humanity by Kevin Belmonte  – Mocha Blend.  Very rich and leaves you wanting more.  At the end of this Bio (I read another, but it was forgettable)  I was left asking, “where are men of such character today?”  If only we had a Wilberforce in the Congress of the US in the early 1800’s.

Two books on Ecclesiastes both varieties of Tazo Tea:  Joy at the End of the Tether by Doug Wilson and Ecclesiastes by Charels Bridges. The Wilson book seeks to capture the spirit of the Preacher and it does so very admirably.  You get the sense that Doug has seen the vanity of the life without Christ.  The Bridges book draws in more scripture than I thought possible for such a commentary on a book of poetry. 

I read others, but these stood out.  Perhaps my fellow posters would like to add to this list via the edit mode.  If they should do so please abandon my strained coffee clutch kaka and use another color.  If you, dear reader, would like to add to the list – the comments section is wide open.

al sends


Rob’s top five…all black Americanos

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. What a surprising read. Top ten all time for me.

Evil and the Justice of Godby N.T. Wright. As noted on my former (and quite lesser!) blog, I did some questioning about evil, and, without offering a trite theodicy, Wright was quite helpful.

Christianity’s Dangerous Ideaby Alister McGrath. Offered a fresh perspective on the Protestant Reformation (Revolution) that helped me sort out some things that are happening in the world of religion, philosophy and politics in our time.

Foolishness to the Greeksby Lesslie Newbigin. Gave depth and significance to the word missional. I’ll owe Newbigin big for a long time.

Against Christianityby Peter Leithart. Opened up vistas in my thinking on the church. I’ve since purchased other Leithart books and will be reading them early in the coming year.


3 responses to “Books I Liked In 2007…

  1. OOOO… I forgot about Against Christianity… That was a great book! I should have included that on my list as well.

    I also read ‘Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis… Some folks really love that book. I just like it… some.

    al sends

  2. I have not read ‘Till We Have Faces, but this is the second mention of it in two days, so I’m taking that as a word of knowledge from the Lord that I need to read it.

    I met a young man yesterday who is studying the classics at Princeton and he had an assignment to write a paper reading one book through the lens of another. He read ‘Till We Have Faces through the lens of Exclusion and Embrace by Volf.

    He’s sending me the paper…sounds interesting.

  3. I loved ‘Till We Have Faces…now I must go re-read. Rob, that’s the book our friend was talking about making a movie of but Lewis’ estate has never yet given the rights to anyone to do so. Read it. Enjoy.

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