O. Christmas Tree

To the great delight of all the children in our home, the Christmas tree was finally assembled and decorated a couple of days ago. My most excellent wife had been trying to make time to get it done for the past few weeks, but scheduling logjams and our annual bout with the plague were obstacles of the insurmountable variety. Daylight finally dawned and the tree was up. {tada!}

This being the baby’s first Christmas with any real awareness of anything beside naps and nursing, she’s quite taken with the tree. It has become for her a source of mixed feelings, however, as she experiences a stinging sensation on the back of her little thigh every time she enthusiastically picks one of the shiny little baubles from the tree and makes it bounce into the kitchen.

The other girls spend a lot of time gazing hypnotically at the lights…no doubt running through some sort of Christmas fantasies in their fertile imaginations. As much as I complain about the inconvenience of it all, it is really a beautiful thing to watch the kids get caught up in the magic of the moment that is Christmastime.

Then there’s Sam. Autism enables him to see things through different lenses and it frequently serves as a source of joyful amusement in our home. This year he has named the Christmas tree. His name is Oswald. The ornaments and lights are his costume, and the star on top of the tree is Oswald’s favorite hat. He loves Oswald.

Don’t tell anyone, but I may be starting to like Christmas a little bit.


One response to “O. Christmas Tree

  1. Man, you have been bitten…the Scrooge is dead. The say Christmas is for kids, so I guess we still qualify. We are at that awkward in between stage where our hairlines are receding, but we still get zits.

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