Oscar Wilde said, “An idea that isn’t dangerous has no business being called an idea at all.” Ideas are dangerous things, and this is certainly no less the case when the ideas are about God. As we think through some of the implications of Calvinistic ideas, some questions naturally emerge. These are good and proper questions to ask. Whenever I hear people ask these questions, regardless their conclusions, I know that they are at least getting the sense of what is said.

There are several questions that come up more than others, so I thought I would put up a short post listing the questions, and opening it up for discussion.

  1. If God chooses some for salvation, doesn’t that necessarily mean that he is choosing some for hell?
  2. If God has already chosen those who are going to be saved, why do we bother with evangelism and missions?
  3. What about man’s “free will?” Doesn’t this make us robots?
  4. Will God save someone against their will?
  5. Why does God choose some and not others?

Interact at will with these topics. I will be posting on the individual points of the TULIP shortly, and these issues will surface in that discussion as well.



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