Stolen…but in good faith

This post was so good I had to rip it off broaden its publication.

Do you know the Orphan Man?

If you know anything of George Muller, then you are probably thinking this thought: “orphan-man.” And rightly so. Through the five orphanages that George Muller established in Bristol, England, he provided care for 10,024 orphans, of which 4 to 5,000 became believers. He also established over 117 day schools, educating roughly 122,000 children in England, Scotland, India, Malacca, British Guiana, Essequibo, Belize, Spain, France and Italy. An estimated 20,000 of these children were converted. His Scripture Institute gave out more than 270,000 Bibles in various languages and 1,440,000 New Testaments. £258,000 was raised for missions. In today’s American dollar, that is approximately $24,764,891.69 (via Measuring Worth). Over 109,000,000 books, pamphlets, tracts were published and distributed. Nearly 500 missionaries were sent, converting an approximate 20,000 souls. At his death, his possessions were a few pieces of furniture, books and £60. No earthly treasures, no retirement fund, no inheritance.
Amazing… the power of a believing man. More amazing still, the power of what that man believed in, condescending to us, using us as a means to His merciful and gracious ends.

information from the book George Muller by William H. Harding

see also

his original narratives via Dust and Ashes Publications

[Shamelessly appropriated from Mutiny. Thanks, SG!]


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