The Christian Church in a Post-Modern World

This quote was on the banner at the Boar’s Head Tavern this evening. I find it compelling.

The primary problem confronting the Christian Church in a post-modern world is not whether Christian claims about God can be debated in credible ways with alternating accounts (logos) of abstract reasoning. Rather, the challenge is about ethos of Christian witness. Can particular Christian communities produce and sustain the kind of witness to God in which their practices of discipleship can serve as credible signs of God’s reconciling work in the world? -Michael Cartwright

Thanks banner guy at bht.


One response to “The Christian Church in a Post-Modern World

  1. God help us if we can not! Yet if He doesn’t help us, we can not!!

    It continues, for me, to keep coming back to Mahaney’s mortifying our pride and cultivating humility and living repentent, dependent, obedient, in love with Him, one day at a time lives. What, I believe, you consider Sermon on the Mount living 🙂

    Is it possible individually and corporately? If it weren’t, we would have no hope. BUT we do have hope! The question is do we trust His Word (written and Living), heart, and character; and obey “right away, all the way, with a good attitude and every day”. And for pete’s sake enjoy the presence of the Lover of our soul.

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