10000 Hits… Get Some!

We should go over 10,000 hits by Christmas.  I would like to offer visitor 10K the following:



One lovely Mug   

— OR —                    

 Reformation T

One lovely T-shirt

 Both are from Frank Turk’s PawnShop!

Just post a comment with a screenshot of the 10K# (located at the bottom of the blog) or email me with that picture and the gift is yours.  If you don’t know how to perform screenshots.  Leave a comment and someone will tell ya how!

Al sends


9 responses to “10000 Hits… Get Some!

  1. NOBODY expects the shameless self-promotion! Our chief weapons are free gifts, coat-tail riding, and lots of good content and biblical thinking! Good job! By the way, I don’t see any counter at the bottom of the blog, so I’m assuming that one will automagically appear at the 10,000-hit mark?

  2. If it is one thing I like it someone who can bridge… three weapons: free gifts, coat-tail riding, good content and biblical thinking… and funny videos of newts and witches. those are our weapons.

    I am glad you found the counter Christopher. I will substitute a “Free Christ Kirk” T-shirt if you would like… and you win.

    al send

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