Odds and Ends

A little catching up:

The blog has not been very busy because the rest of life has been. Inspiration has run a bit lean lately as well, so rather than saying nothing, I decided to say…well, nothing.

I have been thinking about the ditches we fall into as we try to avoid others. In some sense, I think we may all be sons of ditches, theologically speaking, because we learn from guys who have built bunkers in their ditches and have called them orthodoxy. Avoiding liberalism they became fundamentalists. Avoiding syncretism they became obscurantists. Avoiding this they became that. There is a great temptation to find it impossible to remain true to the center and end up comfortable not trying any more. This means that we land in a ditch and call it a groove, get comfortable and teach others how to live in our respective grooves. This is a problem that makes us mean and antagonistic toward one another. We also end up missing a whole lot of love and truth because of our commitments to our own caves. We can do better.

The Knox/Gage thing is not done, or so it seems

 Joel Garver has been posting some interesting pieces on his blog.

Tony Woodlief has a good piece in World’s webzine.

Reggie Kidd blogs after a long silence. It is well worth reading.

Todd Friel interviewed Doug Pagitt on Way of the Master Radio. This is disturbing in just so many ways. As I said, sons of ditches. [HT: Justin Taylor] The comments on JT’s blog are an interesting mix. My own sentiments are buried there, but spoken by others.

I turned 540 months yesterday. Woohoo. With birthday money and gift certificates my delightful wife and I went to dinner and I bought three books (authored by two liberals and a heretic!). Special thanks to a great family friend for keeping all of the children so that we could get away for a few hours. My two oldest daughters conspired to create a list of 45 reasons they love me. My oldest told me that I’m a cool dad, but not because of my clothes. I have truly passed into middle age.

I’m having a little body work done on one of my wings tomorrow, so I’ll be abandoning the blog for a week or so. I’ll check in to moderate comments from time to time, but don’t look for anything new.

Speaking of new…I talked with a couple of friends on Sunday about doing a podcast on topics of interest in the realms of politics, culture, theology, worldview…that kind of stuff. I’m excited about it, and if we’re able to pull the trigger on it, it will be linked here soon. If you don’t hear anything else, it was a bird that never flew.

We’re having a bi-cultural worship service this Sunday. Our church hosts a Spanish-speaking congregation, and we’re going to combine our services this week. There will be communion, baptisms, preaching in two languages, and a lot of food. A taste of heaven, I say.

In two weeks we’re beginning a series on the family on Sunday mornings. I’m looking forward to it. We just finished a series on the Sermon on the Mount which concluded with five weeks on Romans 12:1-2. The connection is uncanny.

Jesus is Lord over all things, in heaven and on earth. To him be glory forever and ever. Amen.



One response to “Odds and Ends

  1. The Knox/Gage thing is so bizarre. I wonder if the Board mightn’t be better off without a couple of the folks who resigned.

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