CRPC Statement on Knox, Gage

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church has published its statement concerning the recent suspension of Dr. Warren Gage, Associate Professor at Knox Theological Seminary.

Read it here.


One response to “CRPC Statement on Knox, Gage

  1. The Knox Board was wrong in the manner that they ‘persecuted’ Dr. Gage.

    The Knox Board was also wrong in their lack of pastoral concern for the Knox students and CRPC church.

    The Session was wrong in not demanding apologies and repentance from the 6 resigned Board members.

    RC Sproul was quite wrong in light of the session’s conclusion!

    Is RC humble enough to admit is faulty judgements and unbrotherly attitude in all this?!
    …or will he keep chipping away to vindicate himself, and remain Pope of the Reformed Community?

    My prayer is that he will repent and retreat, and not cause further division by taking this to the next level.

    May God have mercy, …even on those who held the garments of them who stoned Dr. Gage!

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