The Atonement in Full

I had lunch with my friend David (always a great time) and we talked about the atonement for a few minutes. The question of a dominant motif came up, and David shared this observation connecting the atonement motifs with the offices of Christ, namely, Prophet, Priest and King. (Time is short so I’m not going to fill it out very much. Maybe discussion in the comments will do that.)

Moral Exemplar = Prophet

Penal Substitution = Priest

Christus Victor = King

To try to set one up as dominant, it seems, is to minimize the others, and quite unnecessarily at that. Very helpful, David. Very helpful.


One response to “The Atonement in Full

  1. I really don’t have anything to add, but I, for one, would like to have a discussion about this. I think that too often our view of Christ is so one dimensional that the moment we hear something for which we don’t have an existing category of thought, we play the “heresy” card.

    I agree with what David is saying and wish I could have listened in on the conversation. I also wish I could think of something to write to get this conversation moving. So, somebody, please say something provocative!


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