Theological Jackassery

R.C. Sproul taught me to think.

Warren Gage taught me to see Christ in the whole Bible.

John Piper taught me to know passion for God’s glory.

N.T. Wright taught me the beauty of historical honesty.

John MacArthur taught me the strength of the text.

Brian McLaren taught me the value of asking questions.

The squabbling that exist among my teachers has taught me the damage jackassery can do. (Click here for a more thoughtful expression of this thought.)


6 responses to “Theological Jackassery

  1. Rob, let me spell it out.

    RC Sproul (Knox board’s leading/outspoken theologian) has egg on his face in light of the session’s conclusion.

    Sproul was wrong!

    But is he humble enough to admit it?!

    May God have mercy on him….

    so, if….“R.C. Sproul taught me to think.””

    You too could soon be in his embarrassing predicament.

  2. “Why not simply permit both views to be taught until the Spirit convinces God’s people generally that one view is Scriptural and the other is not?”


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