Helloooo Polllyyyy

Okay…this one is pretty good too. (Enjoy, Dan!)


4 responses to “Helloooo Polllyyyy

  1. This one is almost as good as the other and that one was horrid. I’m pondering how a guy that can read and write like you would love such as that. It reminds me of Samuel L Clemens’ short story “I Want to Know Why”. Alright, I am going to hook you up with some good stuff – check out Brian Regan’s comedy site and view a few clips.


  2. It’s sort of like a dog whistle…you can either hear it or you can’t. (Thank you, Jessica, for that little nugget!)

    (And I LOVE Regan’s humor. I can, I’m almost ashamed to say, quote the entire “I Walked on the Moon” video. Very, very funny, indeed!)

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