Sorting Evils

In The Doctrine of God, John Frame says:

Scripture…gives us an explicit answer to the problem of natural evil. Natural evil is a curse brought upon the world because of moral evil. It functions as punishment to the wicked and as a means of discipline for those who are righteous by God’s grace. (p. 161)

Are we to take from this that a hurricane (or a tsunami or an earthquake or a fire) that strikes a village, say, is to the unbeliever judgment and the believer correction?

Is natural evil, as a consequence of moral evil, a means of punishing moral evil? Does the effect of natural evil, as a means of punishing moral evil, depend upon the perspective of the sufferer of it? Are we to understand evil (at least natural evil) in tems of human perspective? A category 5 hurricane is evil if it crashes into a populated city center and kills people and destroys property, but is not evil if the same storm lands on uninhabited real estate or drifts and dies out at sea?


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