J.R.R., C.S., and J.K.?

Read Al Roberts on Harry Potter, Christians and literature.

[UPDATE: The Mutineer has weighed in with her perspective. Well worth a look see, Potters and Notters.]


5 responses to “J.R.R., C.S., and J.K.?

  1. While not being paranoid of works such as “Harry Potter,” (and admitting at the outset that I have not read the books) there are questions raised in my mind concerning such works and the Christian’s relationship to them (and especially promoting them to our children). For instance, how is witchcraft presented in Harry Potter? Is it presented in a positive light? If so, how do we square this with the way the Bible presents such strong condemnations of witchcraft and witches? To simply make the claim that a work is fantasy, make-believe, or “not intended to be taken seriously,” does not seem to deal adequately with the dreadfulness with which the Scripture presents such subjects.

  2. Jonny,
    These questions do nag. I was recently loaned a copy of the first Harry Potter book so that I can read and gauge for myself. I’ll report back after I read it.

    I’m interested in your thoughts as you read.

  3. As others before me have noted, what is found in the Harry Potter books is NOT witchcraft. What is found in Harry Potter is the Christian caricature of witchcraft.

    Ask any Wiccan, witchcraft is not (and never was) about wands, magical creatures and spells. It is about entering into mystical union with the creature rather than the creator. A return, in short, to the old pagan superstitions Christ has delivered us from.

    Modern witchcraft is the world of environmentalism.

    When we oppose witchcraft, we must oppose the thing itself, not its name.

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