VBS Signs

Tis the season for Vacation Bible School.  Time for Jesus to be matched up with a good game of football, crafts and flannel graphs (did that date me?).

 Some silliness is to be expected this time of year.  After all the Church is seeking to be relevant and in that seeking she has proven herself to be the least relevant thing on the block.  Case in point:

Bugs Life in Jesus

The above is an advert for a day camp at one of our local churches.  Some exit questions?

How long ago did A Bug’s Life come out?

Is it still popular?

How long did it take to work Jesus into this bit of tripe?

al sends

(more substantive post tomorrow)


10 responses to “VBS Signs

  1. I loved my matchstick cross and my chalk colored ceramic praying hands saying “The family that prays together stays together”.

  2. Pastor Stout, what about the rest of the sign? What, I ask you, of the 55 foot caterpillar? Or, even merrier, the promise of visiting Jonah in a 50 foot whale! Talk about excitement! Talk about making Bible stories come to life!

  3. Uber G- Does anyone still use those? They are only slightly more dated than this church’s VBS program.

    Ben, we loved it too.

    Kaleb – Bible stories? Where can I find a caterpillar in the bible? Is that the Leviathan I have heard so much about?

    al sends

  4. Just stumbled across your post while looking for VBS signs, and I just felt the need to respond. Hope you don’t mind.

    Didn’t you know that flannelgraph is so old it’s new again? 🙂 Case in point: I spoke at a camp last summer. I witnessed kids reactions to a great, high-tech combination of video, sound effects & drama for the telling of the Creation story. They were treated to puppets & high-energy songs. Yeah, yeah, nothing new. They see this kind of stuff every day. But when I pulled out my flannel graph and started telling my story, the kids were completely engaged. And when I changed scenes there was literally an audible gasp of amazement from the kids. Yep, the old is new again 🙂

    And although I have never had the privilege of being part of the Bugs Life day camp, I love the thought of comparing our new life in Christ to the transformation that takes place when a yucky crawling insect is miraculously transformed into a beautiful butterfly by the loving Creator!

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